Wednesday, May 13, 2009


For those of you that know Tracey (aka only person with a vagina in the skramz forum that is ~cool~), I probably wouldn't know this band if it wasn't of her. I'm pretty sure she dated one of the boys in this band too- pr0pz. Anyways, DEERS! comes from CA, believe it or not, and is one of those bands that is keepin' it skramz, minus the boring part that comes with the genre. They have a hell of a drummer and vocals that will piss of your mom/everyone around you even more when they hear you're blasting this.

DL Demo

Friday, May 1, 2009

Cap Santé! - Wampeters, Foma & Granfalloons

I'm sure that you will have heard of Cap Santé! somehow by now. There's a fair amount of buzz about them on the internet. They play 'angry pop songs' and get lumped in amongst a lot of the kinsella-influenced stuff, even though they aren't really all that kinsella-esque. I'm rarely this excited about hearing more from a band.
Two of the d00dz in this band also run a rad label called Thank You Records. Active in the scene etc. etc.
Get into this if you aren't already!

They broke up =(


Archivist - 2008 Demo

Archivist are a meaty sludge/crust band from Belgium. This is heavy, heavy, heavy and builds up a really great atmosphere. They are absolutely lovely guys too!
They haven't released anything other than this yet, but they will at some point (soon hopefully!).
Get into this!

2008 demo
band's myspace

Koro- S/T EP

This is my first post here. I'll keep it brief as I tend to drag things out.

This is a hardcore band from 82-84. Recorded in 83. They hailed from Tennessee, an utterly useless state. No wonder they formed this band.

In my opinion (skewed) this is one of the only hardcore bands you really need to listen to.

It's Koro's self-titled EP.

Get into the fast pissy 80's shit dawgz.