Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Vaccine - Demo Tape

I came home from 5 days of no-shower-no-sleep-no-snacks-between-meals travel to find this beauty sitting on my bed.
Vaccine contain members of Ampere, Think I Care, Failures and Relics and play fast and angry-as-fuck hardcore ("powerviolence" fans will dig it and call it "powerviolence"). They have some political, straight edge and animal rights orientated lyrics on this but aren't atall pretentious. In my opnion, one of the best hardcore bands about just now. Americans, you should know about this. There are only 100 copies about which is an absolute sin. They have put their demo up for free download though, which everyone should be doing. Don't sit on this tape!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Skeletonwitch - Beyond The Permafrost

Both my descriptions of this were stupid. Skeletonwitch play 'blackened thrash' (really just fast death metal) and are for people who grew up on fast solos, growled vocals and ridiculous lyrics. They released an Ep and full-length by themselves and this is their first released through a 'proper' label -- notice the waaaaaat too clean production on it. They are worth a listen for sure. Its a shame that people are going to look right past this record just because of how accessible it is to idiots. I'll post the earlier stuff later.

Beyond The Permafrost

Mammoth Grinder - Rage & Ruin

I haven't been posting much because I don't have regular access to a computer. That'll change soon hopefully.
Mammoth Grinder are one of my favourite bands at the moment. They play an ultra-angry brand of sludgey hardcore. Described as "hardcore with heavy metal influences" on last.fm. I can't see any of you not liking this.

Rage + Ruin

Get stuff off the band.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Not to be confused with the black metal band, Aghast is a French screamo band who has put out splits with 1000 Travels of Jarwaharlal and Sed Non Satiata. As well as one other EP besides "Consumer" they released "Polaroid-EP".

This is 7 tracks of punk-tinged screamo.


Hope you enjoy it.


Torgeist-Devoted To Satan

Torgeist in German means "Gate Spirit".
They are a French LLN (Les Legiones Noires) black metal band.
The thing that always stuck out to me was the completely "UNBLACK METAL" drumming that was used in the songs.

The Intro track fucking rules. Lo-fi skurry shit.

I can upload moar stuff if people actually like this.