Sunday, December 27, 2009

Warning//Warning - Demo 2009

Warning//Warning is members of Gasmask Terror playing 80s Japanese noisecore worship. The most common two comparisons made seem to be with Confus and Lebenden Toten. Honestly, I hadn't heard either before I heard this. I can say without a doubt that this is the best demo I've heard all year. I know I've said that about all of the four or five demos I've posted, but this one trumphs the lot. Very excited about this band. The first run of the demo tape is sold out but they plan on making more. Get on it or pose forever.

Demo Tape

Loxiran - Kinder der Zukunft Demo Tape

Loxiran are an awesome German hardcore band who were active in the mid to late 90s. They play modern-sounding metallic hardcore which stays relatively true to the gloomy, screamy sound of peers such as Angstzustand. I've heard this called 'northcore' a couple of times. This is their self-released demo tape. A photo of the tape was posted at milis tanz music, which turns out to be a pretty cool blog. This demo is awesome. Enjoy.

kinder der zukunft demo tape

Friday, December 25, 2009

The O'Jays - The Best of the O'Jays

A change of pace for Christmas day. The O'Jays were a four-piece r&b/soul group from Ohio. One of the members died in 77. Every track on this record is great: a few instant hits, some growers. Anyone with even the slightest interest in this type of music should give this a listen. Great band.

The Best Of...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Creation is Crucifixion - Child As Audience

This is the third and final full-length from the mighty Creation is Crucifixion. They play grindy metallic hardcore that sounds like Acme or Discordance Axis playing faster and harder. The band's tracks are punctuated by lectures from the Critical Art Ensemble about how education is preparation for a life of slavery in the capitalist system. While those tracks obviously won't be to everyone's tastes, they do a pretty good job of contextualising the anger on this record. This is essential for anyone who likes violent music. Get on it. Their website is a pretty interesting read.

Child As Audience

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Unruh - Misery Strengthened Faith

More essential 90s metallic hardcore. This is Unruh's first LP from 1997 and is along the lines of Acrid, Depise you and perhaps some of the Bremmen bands kicking about at the same sort of time. I'd say this is the angriest record I've posted here to date. Anyone who likes hardcore - be it modern or old school - should love this. Very heavy.

Misery Strengthened Faith

Left For Dead - Splitting Heads

Left For Dead's 'Splitting Heads' discography CD is essential listening for anyone interested in fast, metallic 90s hardcore. This is beyond pissed-off hardcore for fans of Ochre or Haymaker. Very violent, very good. Can't back it enough. If you haven't heard this yet, you've been missing out. WHY DON'T I CHOP OFF YOUR HEAD?!

Splitting Heads

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Decoy 47

I know I'm going to get some stick for this- but heres a confession. I like Ska Punk. This will come as no surprise to many, and I've been thinking about making another blog for this stuff, but I dont think it's really going to work out. Ive wanted to post this album somewhere for some time, because it is pretty impossible to get, indeed, even when 'released' it was hard to find.

The item in question is the to my mind immortal Decoy 47's 'Belfast City Ska', released...some years ago.Decoy were (possibly are) a three piece punk/ska/pyscobilly outfit from inside various Belfast gutters, notably those of the lamented Warzone Centre, aka Giros.

Anyhow. I've had enough apoligising now, as Decoy's album is just great. Major themes appear to be Buckfast drinking, smoking, and the vocalist's encounters and sexual attraction- to violent and disruptive women. The whole thing sounds more 'Belfast' than you could ever ask for, images of lairy streets and parties in crap houses where 'the bogs don't flush- the yellow piss is lying on the floor- you've got to keep your feet up- cos theres no lock on the door'... So, get some Buckfast, a litre of 'Olde English', a pouch of Drum- enjoy.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Closure - Demo 2009

Not to be confused with the 90s screamo band. Closure come from Leeds and play burly hardcore with some slower, sludgier passages. Some parts of this call to mind Infest's 'No Mans Slave' LP. Another awesome demo released in 2009. Serious contender for demo of the year. Anyone who is into the 'powerviolence' trend will love this. Get on it. HARDCORE FUCKING RULES!


Future Waves - Demo 2009

These are six pissed-off dudes (ages ranging 15 to 26) playing livid, moshy, edge hardcore in the vein of early Earth Crisis or mid-era Madball. It is surprising how much the vocalists sound like much older dudes. I've got myself a bit of a name for slagging this type of hardcore off. It is chuggy, often-mid-tempo, and sometimes a little silly ("WE'RE WARRIORS, WE'RE STRONG"), with plenty of breakdowns. Perhaps my tolerance for this sort of thing has went up because of all the 90s edge stuff I've been listening to recently. Or maybe I just find it refreshing how young and angry these guys are. Sure, this is a little generic and some people will scoff at it, but I think its well worth a shot.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Divisions Ruin St 7''

'Doomy Emotive Crust from Ireland'

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Question - Insanity EP

Ripping, female fronted crusty hardcore from Minneapolis featuring members of Detestation, Ganglion, Monsters of Pot and Cognitive Dissonance. This is their second EP released on Fashionable Idiots in August '08. Their first EP was released on Blacknoise in '07, followed by a tour of mainland Europe. Sounds a little like early to mid-era Discharge at times.

Insanity EP

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Power Corrupts- Free Ep

This is my first post, so lets hope I dont screw it up in some way... This is a free EP, dating from at least five years ago, from the Sheffield three-piece Power Corrupts. As far as I can make out they don't play that much these days, although they did release their opus ' War on Reason' last year. Im pretty bad at describing music but words like 'raging' and 'political' come to mind. See for yourselves.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hey Vampires - Problems, Solve Yourselves EP

Catchy, noisy post-hardcore from Glasgow. A lot of people describe them as 'dance punk' or something dumb like that. I can see a lot of people being into this. Last time I saw them play they had added a second guitarist and it didn't sound anywhere near as good. Maybe this will be the only cool thing they release.

Problems, Solve Yourselves

Monday, November 23, 2009

Chinese Dama - S/T 7''

Chinese Dama are influenced by other Italian screamo bands like La Quiete and Endless Inertia but put their own twist on things to set themselves apart. This EP is almost a year OOP now.

Self Titled

Get Rad - Say Fuck No To Rules Man

My internet connection is on the bunk again. Rather than let my posting trail off, I'm borrowing a link from the awesome Toxicbreeds Funhouse blog.
Get Rad play ripping positive hardcore. This is their best stuff to date, I think. They played some Minor Threat covers at dudefest that you can find on youtube! Pretty good stuff and probably the first 'positive' hardcore band that I've thought were rad!

Say Fuck No To Rules Man

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Magpyes - 2007 EP

Here's a change of pace with Magpyes' 2007 EP. Nowdays, these guys play black-influenced grind (think Anaal Nathrakh) and have a real drummer, but at the time of this release they were playing breakneck-speed drum-machine grind. I find this really addictive. Recommended.

2007 EP

Reds - Demo

Reds are great. Here are three early versions of songs that ended up on the LP. One of my favourite bands. Get it!


Meandgoliath - Demo 2007

Meandgoliath are one of the most exciting bands in the UK. In a time where screamo bands are all doing pretty much the same thing, it is very refreshing to come across a band as original and aggressive as this one. They played CMAR last year and have just released a 10''. If you can get your hands on it, do so! When it goes OOP I'll rip it for here. This is their demo from 2007. Essential listening whether you like screamo or not.

Demo 2007

Gramercy Riffs - Demo 2008

Gramercy Riffs were a short-lived hardcore band from Nottingham, England. I got this cdr by pure chance off a guy who was selling some old demos cheap. These guys played with Pulling Teeth, Career Suicide & Rot In Hell before they split. They have recorded songs for two splits that, as of July 2009, "may still happen".
Every song on this is really good and I used to play it a lot when I first got it. Now that I've broke it out again, I'll probably be listening to these 3 songs on repeat most of the night. Pissed, ripping hardcore. Get it.

Demo 2008

Kids Return - Tongue Tied

I'm digging through a box of cdrs and came across this gem. I thought that I would post someone else's upload here but I couldn't find anything other than a couple of reviews and a torrent. I guess that a lot of people haven't heard this yet.
Kids return play driving, melodic emo and have some excellent, intelligent lyrics. This EP, for me, falls into the category of 'recent emo that is as good as the old days' alongside Reds' 'Is:Means' LP and Empire! Empire!'s 'Year of the Rabbit' 7''. Perhaps some Reds comparisons are warranted.
I was lucky enough to see these guys play a few months ago with Lemuria. Kids Return easily stole the show. I remember thinking "man, this is what it must have felt like to be there the first time around".
I'll argue that Kids Return are a completely different band live and if they ever play near you, you should do everything in your power to get to it. Amazing. Don't sleep on this any longer.

Note: I ripped this cdr with iTunes, so the tracks are in M4A format. I can't be bothered shopping around for a decent, freeware mp3 ripping program but if you email me about one, I'll get on it and re-up whatever I post today.

Grand Nutz Da Ladies Man

This is a strange one. I was listening to John Zela's Typecast from June and he played a track by this guy. I looked into it and found some info and an upload on Music For Maniacs. There is a story about how this tape came into being posted there:

"Here’s the story:

I was working at a record store on the south side of Chicago a few years back, and this kid walks in and asks if we sell local music. So I try to point him towards our local section, but he’s like “naw…I make music.” So I ask him “Oh are you a rapper? Do you make beats?” He replies… "No, I sing R&B.” And he hands me a 90 minute Maxell cassette tape with a photo of himself on the cover and the words Grand Nutz Da Ladies Man on the cassette label. With that, he walked out of the store. So, of course, I immediately put it on.
What happened next was something magical. All the crusty jazz dudes perked up their ears and came up by the counter and listened with me as we heard this cacophony of failed R&B acapellas sung by someone who is most obviously tone deaf. But the thing is….he’s 100% committed. There’s Boys II Men harmonies, ad-lib rubber duckie rip offs, scat sung TV theme song flubs (Flinstones, Scooby Doo) and even a few moments of Karaoke style bliss as he puts on a boombox in the background and attempts to sing along. It’s unbelievably precious."

I'm not sure how valid my input is after all that. You'll probably either be already downloading it or will have decided to stay clear. All I'll say is that this is very infectious and probably the least pretentious thing posted on this blog to date.

Grand Nutz Da Ladies Man

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Herbie Hancock: Mwandishi Phase

Herbie Hancock is a jazz pianist who once was part of Miles Davis' ensemble. Easily one of the most influential pianists up there with Monk and and Sun Ra. This is him n his Mwandishi phase (what he named his ensemble) he experimented a lot with synthesizers and non-conventional forms of jazz and probably drugs. Creating what I call a bullshit genre but others call Jazz-fusion.

mwandishi (1970)
This is my favorite album by him. There is so much strange spacey funk in this album. Really dark and complex. Hancock's use of synthesizers is definitely a very impressive thing that sticks out to me. I own this on vinyl and must blast it at least once a week in my room. Serious jazz.


crossings (1972)
This is I feel the second "heaviest" feeling album of these three. Its very minimal at times while maintaining the spacey atmosphere. Pay attention to the complexity of the percussion on "Sleeping Giant". It's insane


sextant (1973)
This is definitely the most memorable album for me. I remember getting extremely high to this and watching one of my friends puke, the other stare blankly into space and then burst into laughter, and the other one with his hand in the album sleeve rubbing his face on it. This is the climax of the three I've posted as far as spacey atmosphere goes. Still very fucking funky in the bass grooves and the drums. This was Hancock's first release on Columbia Records (moved from Warner Bros.). This album didn't sell very well thus ending his Mwandishi Phase and forcing him to play more approachable mainstream jazz i.e. the album "Head Hunters".


John Cota- tour ep/ split 7"???


this is the john cota side of the proposed split with calculator.
it then became the john cota southwest summer 09' tour ep.

since neither of these bands are currently active anymore. it's just two songs. enjoy.

rot in piss.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hooded Menace - Fulfill The Curse

Hooded Menace are from Finland and play death/doom metal. They got together to play Candlemass covers with death metal vocals and enjoyed it so much that they stuck with it. This is their first full-length and is refreshingly heavy, pure and primitive. There are obvious early Cathedral influences present although the 'Candlemass with death vocals' description is probably more fitting. They say that they want to spread their music to lovers of "totally heavy and ultra-crushing doom and old school early 90’s style death metal".

Fulfill The Curse

Head On A Stick - Demo '09

Distorted, aggressive hardcore from Virginia. There is a great balance between thrashy & raging and slow & heavy on this. They finish with a rad cover of Haymaker's 'The City That Always Burns'. This demo was recorded live into one mic, so the production is raw as fuck. This is the best demo I've heard since Raw Nerve's. Very excited to hear more from this band.

Demo 2009 - They upped this themselves.

His Clancyness - Hissometer Cassette

Lo-fi dream pop from Otawwa, Canada that was recorded over the course of 3 years by one guy called Johnathan Clancy. Its VERY laid back, very catchy and very pleasing. Unfortunately this is only 12 minutes long and will leave you wanting tons more. It was released on a stupidly small run of 50 copies by Secret Furry Hole.

(The folder says hissomer cassette but the tags are right -- its hissometer)

Timber - Demo

Timber, from Maryland, played some sort of riffy, sometimes twiddly, punk. They played shows with Brainworms and The Ergs! while they were active. I can see fans of either of those bands liking this although Timber have a pretty original sound and are, I think, better. The first two tracks on this are absolutely fantastic and the lyrics are amazing ("If this is all there is I should probably make the most of it / Or blow it off knowing I'm wasting my best days / That's just hearsay. I trust I'll enjoy my old age."). They have a 7'' which is tight too. I'll rip mine if anyone digs this.

Demo '07

Friday, August 28, 2009

Total Abuse- Sex Pig EP

RIP Total Abuse, they're one of the few hardcore bands I still enjoy listening to today. If you like this then, find the S/T it's out there. I picked up Sex Pig in the record store this summer and seriously put it on repeat all the time. Buy this, and wish you could see them live, I do.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pillsbury Hardcore- Discography

Getting their name from a friend of the guitarist that resembled the Pillsbury Doughboy who loved hardcore, this band played pissed off hardcore punk to assert their anti-drinking views and really annoy people. Playing from 1984-86, members continued on to be in bands like Man is the Bastard and Pissed Happy Children.


Monday, August 17, 2009

John Cota - Demo

Fuck sake - someone had to post this and it didn't look like Kyle was going to!
John Cota are from the Bay Area, Cali and play rad 'screamo' stuff. They bypass a lot of the OTT weepy shit associated with screamo and sound kinda gloomy or something instead, which is cool. Not a million miles off shikari, bow359 etc.
Kyle - you NEEEEEEEED to send me this demo!!!

That's me posted pretty much everything I had upped on my old blog here. I'm only going to post here from now on, I think. Tight.

a//political MEGAPOST

a//political were an anarcho-punk band from Baltimore. They still have a site hosted here. Its pretty interesting to read through. Check it out sometime. There is (still) a discography tape/record on the way (I think).

Planting The Seeds of Revolution
Propoganda By Deed
Punk Is A Ghetto

Afterbirth - America Uber Alles

Afterbirth are a solid-as-fuck d-beat/crust band from Edinburgh, Scotland. They've played alongside Born/Dead, Wolfbrigade, Diskelma, Hellkrusher & Jesus Bruiser among others and have a couple of releases kicking about. This is a demo tape/cd they made in '03. Check it out, posers.

America Uber Alles (I've borrowed the link from Crust-Demos, which is a an awesome blog!)

Shitsystem - Stigmata

Skitsystem were a Crust/D-Beat band from Sweden who were active between '95 and '07. All the members had a background playing in death metal bands and two of them were playing in At The Gates as Skitsystem started up. Their first few releases were recorded in studio time borrowed from ATG with the same instruments and sound. They sound a lot like you would imagine death metal fans playing raw punk to: fast, no gimmicks and always heavy. This record was released in 2006 on the awesome Havoc Records. They had, and continue to have, a pretty strong cult following but a lot of dudes seem to have no idea who they are.


Mob 47 - Dom Ljuger Igen 7''

Mob 47 were a raw hardcore/d-beat band from Sweden active in the 80s. They played with Anti Cimex a ton. This was released in '08, over 20 years after the band's last official release! The record does not suck, as a lot of fans worried it would. In fact, this 7'' sounds like something they could have recorded in their heydey. Absolutely killer raw 80s hardcore punk. Get into this!


Terveet Kädet - Kädet Suojelee

Terveet Kädet were one of the first punk bands to start up in Finland (just after Lama and alongside Kaaos). They play fast, raw hardcore punk a lot like Discharge. Their bio on calls them "the Discharge of Finland". That's a pretty good description, so I'm going to stick with it. Amazing record by an amazing band! Get into this.

Kädet Suojelee 7''

Chronic Seizure - s/t EP

Chronic Seizure are a fantastic hardcore band from Chicago. They play fast, angry, 80s-style hardcore similar to Direct Control and Government Warning. Ex-members of The Repos and Rat Bastards. These guys are really, really good! Check it out.

Chronic Seizure EP

Rat Mask - Demo 2009

Short-lived hardcore band out of NY who played together from October 2008 till June 2009, recorded this demo and played six shows before calling it a day. Their last show was with Cult Ritual, which will probably get a lot of retarded scenesters onto this demo. They sound like a fuzzier, less stop-and-start Infest or something. Great distroted hardcore AND they posted this demo for free on VLV in June. Sucks they split up.

Demo 2009

Social Circkle - I've Got Afflictions EP

I've Got Afflictions is the second 7'' by Massachusetts' Social Circkle. Another US band playing 80s-style hardcore today. No bullshit, unpretentious lyrics and certainly fast. This is the only record I have by them although I hear that their demo and first 7'' were a lot slower. Sounds like a slightly rawer Wasted Time with less throat-y vocals. Good stuff.

I've Got Afflictions

Citizens Patrol - Dead Children EP

Ripping hardcore punk straight out of the Netherlands. Fast, pissed and raw in an early 80s style (better than a lot of US bands doing the same thing, which is rad!) Some of the lyrics are a little off due to the language barrier, but even that is pretty endearing and a great change from a lot of the pretentious bullshit floating about just now. This band play A LOT of shows and have been to/are in the US, so pretty much everyone who reads this should get a chance to catch a CP show some time. I hope I do! Get into this.

Dead Children

Brain Dead - Self Titled

Brain Dead are a criminally slept on band from Leicestershire, England. They play heavy, pissed hardcore influenced by bands like Infest & Dropdead and slot-in pretty easily amongst some of the bigger 'powerviolence' bands from the US (Mind Eraser, Crossed Out etc). A lot of their lyrics are pretty agreeable. A great record by a great band. No reason not to like this.

Brain Dead

Monday, July 13, 2009

Raw Nerve - Demo Tape

Raw Nerve's demo tape = 10 tracks of angry, angry, angry, distorted hardcore. Awesome speed and some great, unpretentious lyrics. Everything that's good about hardcore punk. They're with Youth Attack now and will have an LP out pretty soon.

I was about to upload this when I noticed that the band had it up for free download on their blog. Even better!

Demo Tape

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Acid Witch - Witchtanic Hellucinations

Acid Witch play heavy, psych-tinged doom with growled vocals and some death metal-style riffing littered around. There is a real 80/90s-horror-movie feel to the record and some of the intros & interludes sound as though they could be lifted straight out of a movie soundtrack (listen to the first half of Cauldron Cave or Realm of The Wicked). Unfortunately their take on 'classic horror' winds up cheesy and very lighthearted. I've been listening to this on repeat today. Check it out.



fun little band, similar to the bark ranger posted in this blog and street smart to a certain extent, anyways if you dig that kinda thing check it out

mowgli demo

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Assfactor 4 - Sometimes I Suck

Classic 90s hardcore. Needs no introduction. If you don't like this, stop lurking our blog.

Sometimes I Suck

Mumford & Sons - Lend Me Your Eyes

I've tried to turn punx onto this a few times and I'm invariably hit by a "no, thanks". Fuck it, this is really good. Mumford & Sons play "bluegrass-tinged folk". The first time I saw them play was in a tiny local venue called the captain's rest. They opened with Leadbelly's 'Pick A Bale Of Cotton'. I've seen them every time they've played my city since and will continue to do so, I think. They'll probably GET BIG someday and you'll all have to pretend that you hate them but, until then, get into one of the best bands the UK has to offer at the moment. Very exciting, infectious stuff.

Lend Me Your Eyes

UPDATE: mumford & sons sold out a show in my city before I could get tickets, played TITP & made a music video.

Another update: Mumford and sons GOT BIG.

Reds - Is:Means

One of my all-time favourite records. It was listed on a forum amongst "recent bands that are as good as 90s emo bands" not long ago. I don't think there is a better description for this than that. Fantastic, grossly underrated record from a fantastic, grossly underrated band. If you don't have this, you're an absolute poser.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lowbrow- Broken Speech 7"

A local hardcore punk band from North Carolina that I am really excited about right now. I've seen them with Graf Orlock and soon with Cult Ritual, they put on really great shows. This is the first record released and I hope there is more to come from them, they're only about a year old as of this summer. Dig it.

DL Broken Speech

Convulse - World Without God

Convulse were a short-lived old school death metal band from Finland active in the early 90s. Their sound differed from the punk-influenced, treble-driven sound of other Scandinavian DM bands at the time and they had a more American sound. They only released two albums, this being their debut, and got next-to-no attention. A lot of people, myself included, are jumping on the boat way late via the internet though. This record is an absolute must-have in my opinion.
Convulse are definitely heavy.

World Without God

Captain Planet - Demo

Captain Planet come straight outta Hamburg and play catchy and grungey punk rock with a 'post-emo' feel. This is the first demo they released back in 2003. They recently agreed to be on the comp that me and Lindsay are putting out, which I'm ultra-stoked about! Check check check check check this band out!

Demo 2003