Thursday, December 17, 2009

Future Waves - Demo 2009

These are six pissed-off dudes (ages ranging 15 to 26) playing livid, moshy, edge hardcore in the vein of early Earth Crisis or mid-era Madball. It is surprising how much the vocalists sound like much older dudes. I've got myself a bit of a name for slagging this type of hardcore off. It is chuggy, often-mid-tempo, and sometimes a little silly ("WE'RE WARRIORS, WE'RE STRONG"), with plenty of breakdowns. Perhaps my tolerance for this sort of thing has went up because of all the 90s edge stuff I've been listening to recently. Or maybe I just find it refreshing how young and angry these guys are. Sure, this is a little generic and some people will scoff at it, but I think its well worth a shot.


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