Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Decoy 47

I know I'm going to get some stick for this- but heres a confession. I like Ska Punk. This will come as no surprise to many, and I've been thinking about making another blog for this stuff, but I dont think it's really going to work out. Ive wanted to post this album somewhere for some time, because it is pretty impossible to get, indeed, even when 'released' it was hard to find.

The item in question is the to my mind immortal Decoy 47's 'Belfast City Ska', released...some years ago.Decoy were (possibly are) a three piece punk/ska/pyscobilly outfit from inside various Belfast gutters, notably those of the lamented Warzone Centre, aka Giros.

Anyhow. I've had enough apoligising now, as Decoy's album is just great. Major themes appear to be Buckfast drinking, smoking, and the vocalist's encounters and sexual attraction- to violent and disruptive women. The whole thing sounds more 'Belfast' than you could ever ask for, images of lairy streets and parties in crap houses where 'the bogs don't flush- the yellow piss is lying on the floor- you've got to keep your feet up- cos theres no lock on the door'... So, get some Buckfast, a litre of 'Olde English', a pouch of Drum- enjoy.


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