Sunday, December 27, 2009

Warning//Warning - Demo 2009

Warning//Warning is members of Gasmask Terror playing 80s Japanese noisecore worship. The most common two comparisons made seem to be with Confus and Lebenden Toten. Honestly, I hadn't heard either before I heard this. I can say without a doubt that this is the best demo I've heard all year. I know I've said that about all of the four or five demos I've posted, but this one trumphs the lot. Very excited about this band. The first run of the demo tape is sold out but they plan on making more. Get on it or pose forever.

Demo Tape

Loxiran - Kinder der Zukunft Demo Tape

Loxiran are an awesome German hardcore band who were active in the mid to late 90s. They play modern-sounding metallic hardcore which stays relatively true to the gloomy, screamy sound of peers such as Angstzustand. I've heard this called 'northcore' a couple of times. This is their self-released demo tape. A photo of the tape was posted at milis tanz music, which turns out to be a pretty cool blog. This demo is awesome. Enjoy.

kinder der zukunft demo tape

Friday, December 25, 2009

The O'Jays - The Best of the O'Jays

A change of pace for Christmas day. The O'Jays were a four-piece r&b/soul group from Ohio. One of the members died in 77. Every track on this record is great: a few instant hits, some growers. Anyone with even the slightest interest in this type of music should give this a listen. Great band.

The Best Of...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Creation is Crucifixion - Child As Audience

This is the third and final full-length from the mighty Creation is Crucifixion. They play grindy metallic hardcore that sounds like Acme or Discordance Axis playing faster and harder. The band's tracks are punctuated by lectures from the Critical Art Ensemble about how education is preparation for a life of slavery in the capitalist system. While those tracks obviously won't be to everyone's tastes, they do a pretty good job of contextualising the anger on this record. This is essential for anyone who likes violent music. Get on it. Their website is a pretty interesting read.

Child As Audience

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Unruh - Misery Strengthened Faith

More essential 90s metallic hardcore. This is Unruh's first LP from 1997 and is along the lines of Acrid, Depise you and perhaps some of the Bremmen bands kicking about at the same sort of time. I'd say this is the angriest record I've posted here to date. Anyone who likes hardcore - be it modern or old school - should love this. Very heavy.

Misery Strengthened Faith

Left For Dead - Splitting Heads

Left For Dead's 'Splitting Heads' discography CD is essential listening for anyone interested in fast, metallic 90s hardcore. This is beyond pissed-off hardcore for fans of Ochre or Haymaker. Very violent, very good. Can't back it enough. If you haven't heard this yet, you've been missing out. WHY DON'T I CHOP OFF YOUR HEAD?!

Splitting Heads

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Decoy 47

I know I'm going to get some stick for this- but heres a confession. I like Ska Punk. This will come as no surprise to many, and I've been thinking about making another blog for this stuff, but I dont think it's really going to work out. Ive wanted to post this album somewhere for some time, because it is pretty impossible to get, indeed, even when 'released' it was hard to find.

The item in question is the to my mind immortal Decoy 47's 'Belfast City Ska', released...some years ago.Decoy were (possibly are) a three piece punk/ska/pyscobilly outfit from inside various Belfast gutters, notably those of the lamented Warzone Centre, aka Giros.

Anyhow. I've had enough apoligising now, as Decoy's album is just great. Major themes appear to be Buckfast drinking, smoking, and the vocalist's encounters and sexual attraction- to violent and disruptive women. The whole thing sounds more 'Belfast' than you could ever ask for, images of lairy streets and parties in crap houses where 'the bogs don't flush- the yellow piss is lying on the floor- you've got to keep your feet up- cos theres no lock on the door'... So, get some Buckfast, a litre of 'Olde English', a pouch of Drum- enjoy.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Closure - Demo 2009

Not to be confused with the 90s screamo band. Closure come from Leeds and play burly hardcore with some slower, sludgier passages. Some parts of this call to mind Infest's 'No Mans Slave' LP. Another awesome demo released in 2009. Serious contender for demo of the year. Anyone who is into the 'powerviolence' trend will love this. Get on it. HARDCORE FUCKING RULES!


Future Waves - Demo 2009

These are six pissed-off dudes (ages ranging 15 to 26) playing livid, moshy, edge hardcore in the vein of early Earth Crisis or mid-era Madball. It is surprising how much the vocalists sound like much older dudes. I've got myself a bit of a name for slagging this type of hardcore off. It is chuggy, often-mid-tempo, and sometimes a little silly ("WE'RE WARRIORS, WE'RE STRONG"), with plenty of breakdowns. Perhaps my tolerance for this sort of thing has went up because of all the 90s edge stuff I've been listening to recently. Or maybe I just find it refreshing how young and angry these guys are. Sure, this is a little generic and some people will scoff at it, but I think its well worth a shot.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Divisions Ruin St 7''

'Doomy Emotive Crust from Ireland'

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Question - Insanity EP

Ripping, female fronted crusty hardcore from Minneapolis featuring members of Detestation, Ganglion, Monsters of Pot and Cognitive Dissonance. This is their second EP released on Fashionable Idiots in August '08. Their first EP was released on Blacknoise in '07, followed by a tour of mainland Europe. Sounds a little like early to mid-era Discharge at times.

Insanity EP

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Power Corrupts- Free Ep

This is my first post, so lets hope I dont screw it up in some way... This is a free EP, dating from at least five years ago, from the Sheffield three-piece Power Corrupts. As far as I can make out they don't play that much these days, although they did release their opus ' War on Reason' last year. Im pretty bad at describing music but words like 'raging' and 'political' come to mind. See for yourselves.