Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hooded Menace - Fulfill The Curse

Hooded Menace are from Finland and play death/doom metal. They got together to play Candlemass covers with death metal vocals and enjoyed it so much that they stuck with it. This is their first full-length and is refreshingly heavy, pure and primitive. There are obvious early Cathedral influences present although the 'Candlemass with death vocals' description is probably more fitting. They say that they want to spread their music to lovers of "totally heavy and ultra-crushing doom and old school early 90’s style death metal".

Fulfill The Curse

Head On A Stick - Demo '09

Distorted, aggressive hardcore from Virginia. There is a great balance between thrashy & raging and slow & heavy on this. They finish with a rad cover of Haymaker's 'The City That Always Burns'. This demo was recorded live into one mic, so the production is raw as fuck. This is the best demo I've heard since Raw Nerve's. Very excited to hear more from this band.

Demo 2009 - They upped this themselves.

His Clancyness - Hissometer Cassette

Lo-fi dream pop from Otawwa, Canada that was recorded over the course of 3 years by one guy called Johnathan Clancy. Its VERY laid back, very catchy and very pleasing. Unfortunately this is only 12 minutes long and will leave you wanting tons more. It was released on a stupidly small run of 50 copies by Secret Furry Hole.

(The folder says hissomer cassette but the tags are right -- its hissometer)

Timber - Demo

Timber, from Maryland, played some sort of riffy, sometimes twiddly, punk. They played shows with Brainworms and The Ergs! while they were active. I can see fans of either of those bands liking this although Timber have a pretty original sound and are, I think, better. The first two tracks on this are absolutely fantastic and the lyrics are amazing ("If this is all there is I should probably make the most of it / Or blow it off knowing I'm wasting my best days / That's just hearsay. I trust I'll enjoy my old age."). They have a 7'' which is tight too. I'll rip mine if anyone digs this.

Demo '07

Friday, August 28, 2009

Total Abuse- Sex Pig EP

RIP Total Abuse, they're one of the few hardcore bands I still enjoy listening to today. If you like this then, find the S/T it's out there. I picked up Sex Pig in the record store this summer and seriously put it on repeat all the time. Buy this, and wish you could see them live, I do.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pillsbury Hardcore- Discography

Getting their name from a friend of the guitarist that resembled the Pillsbury Doughboy who loved hardcore, this band played pissed off hardcore punk to assert their anti-drinking views and really annoy people. Playing from 1984-86, members continued on to be in bands like Man is the Bastard and Pissed Happy Children.


Monday, August 17, 2009

John Cota - Demo

Fuck sake - someone had to post this and it didn't look like Kyle was going to!
John Cota are from the Bay Area, Cali and play rad 'screamo' stuff. They bypass a lot of the OTT weepy shit associated with screamo and sound kinda gloomy or something instead, which is cool. Not a million miles off shikari, bow359 etc.
Kyle - you NEEEEEEEED to send me this demo!!!

That's me posted pretty much everything I had upped on my old blog here. I'm only going to post here from now on, I think. Tight.

a//political MEGAPOST

a//political were an anarcho-punk band from Baltimore. They still have a site hosted here. Its pretty interesting to read through. Check it out sometime. There is (still) a discography tape/record on the way (I think).

Planting The Seeds of Revolution
Propoganda By Deed
Punk Is A Ghetto

Afterbirth - America Uber Alles

Afterbirth are a solid-as-fuck d-beat/crust band from Edinburgh, Scotland. They've played alongside Born/Dead, Wolfbrigade, Diskelma, Hellkrusher & Jesus Bruiser among others and have a couple of releases kicking about. This is a demo tape/cd they made in '03. Check it out, posers.

America Uber Alles (I've borrowed the link from Crust-Demos, which is a an awesome blog!)

Shitsystem - Stigmata

Skitsystem were a Crust/D-Beat band from Sweden who were active between '95 and '07. All the members had a background playing in death metal bands and two of them were playing in At The Gates as Skitsystem started up. Their first few releases were recorded in studio time borrowed from ATG with the same instruments and sound. They sound a lot like you would imagine death metal fans playing raw punk to: fast, no gimmicks and always heavy. This record was released in 2006 on the awesome Havoc Records. They had, and continue to have, a pretty strong cult following but a lot of dudes seem to have no idea who they are.


Mob 47 - Dom Ljuger Igen 7''

Mob 47 were a raw hardcore/d-beat band from Sweden active in the 80s. They played with Anti Cimex a ton. This was released in '08, over 20 years after the band's last official release! The record does not suck, as a lot of fans worried it would. In fact, this 7'' sounds like something they could have recorded in their heydey. Absolutely killer raw 80s hardcore punk. Get into this!


Terveet Kädet - Kädet Suojelee

Terveet Kädet were one of the first punk bands to start up in Finland (just after Lama and alongside Kaaos). They play fast, raw hardcore punk a lot like Discharge. Their bio on calls them "the Discharge of Finland". That's a pretty good description, so I'm going to stick with it. Amazing record by an amazing band! Get into this.

Kädet Suojelee 7''

Chronic Seizure - s/t EP

Chronic Seizure are a fantastic hardcore band from Chicago. They play fast, angry, 80s-style hardcore similar to Direct Control and Government Warning. Ex-members of The Repos and Rat Bastards. These guys are really, really good! Check it out.

Chronic Seizure EP

Rat Mask - Demo 2009

Short-lived hardcore band out of NY who played together from October 2008 till June 2009, recorded this demo and played six shows before calling it a day. Their last show was with Cult Ritual, which will probably get a lot of retarded scenesters onto this demo. They sound like a fuzzier, less stop-and-start Infest or something. Great distroted hardcore AND they posted this demo for free on VLV in June. Sucks they split up.

Demo 2009

Social Circkle - I've Got Afflictions EP

I've Got Afflictions is the second 7'' by Massachusetts' Social Circkle. Another US band playing 80s-style hardcore today. No bullshit, unpretentious lyrics and certainly fast. This is the only record I have by them although I hear that their demo and first 7'' were a lot slower. Sounds like a slightly rawer Wasted Time with less throat-y vocals. Good stuff.

I've Got Afflictions

Citizens Patrol - Dead Children EP

Ripping hardcore punk straight out of the Netherlands. Fast, pissed and raw in an early 80s style (better than a lot of US bands doing the same thing, which is rad!) Some of the lyrics are a little off due to the language barrier, but even that is pretty endearing and a great change from a lot of the pretentious bullshit floating about just now. This band play A LOT of shows and have been to/are in the US, so pretty much everyone who reads this should get a chance to catch a CP show some time. I hope I do! Get into this.

Dead Children

Brain Dead - Self Titled

Brain Dead are a criminally slept on band from Leicestershire, England. They play heavy, pissed hardcore influenced by bands like Infest & Dropdead and slot-in pretty easily amongst some of the bigger 'powerviolence' bands from the US (Mind Eraser, Crossed Out etc). A lot of their lyrics are pretty agreeable. A great record by a great band. No reason not to like this.

Brain Dead