Saturday, January 23, 2010

Plead The Fifth - Demo 2009

Plead The Fifth are a hardcore band from Sacramento, heavily influenced by late-80s/early-90s hardcore bands, particularly Youth of Today & Cro-Mags. Hardcore fucking rules.

On Point - Look Me In The Eyes Demo

Awesome edge youth crew hardcore from Orange County. Not far off other Cali 90s revival bands like Insted. Really solid demo. Stoked I've got a copy of the US version. There are a few EU coming out on Brainwreck soon -- don't sleep on it!

Look Me In The Eyes Demo
Another link borrowed from Cali Love - saves me ripping this myself!

Blocked Out - Demo 2008

Older demo now. Blocked Out are a cool hardcore band from Manhattan Beach, California. They remind me of the Miracle Mile a good bit: mid-tempo and slightly chunny (90s-style) hardcore meets fast and trashy hardcore. Some tracks just boil down to all-out, raging Ringworm-worship though! Been spinning this most of yesterday. Recommended.

Demo 2008 - link from Cali Love

Black Channels - Demo II

Awesome chaotic screamo from Glasgow. Along the lines of End of The Century Party, maybe? Just made this demo available for free download. Awesome band. If you stay near Glasgow, come see them play with Battle of Wolf & Resurrectionists on 29/03/2010! Mosh hard.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Punch - Self Titled LP

One of the best hardcore LPs of 2009. Punch are touring the UK & Europe with Comadre and playing CMAR later this year. Exciting.
Self Titled LP (borrowed link)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Street Sweeper - Stylin On You Demo 2010

Moshy, metallic hardcore from Boston in the vein of 90s NYHC like Cro-Mags or Vision of Disorder.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Eating Glass - Feed Them To The Vultures

Eating Glass are an unreasonably pissed hardcore band from Ontario Canada. They play thrashy, metallic hardcore that isn't too far off Left For Dead or Haymaker with some short, dark instrumental passages punctuating it. Highly recommended. I have some tracks off a split with Blackbirds that, to my knowledge, didn't happen. I'll up them if there's any interest. Great record.
Feed Them To The Vultures EP

Coke Bust - Lines In The Sand

Coke Bust are an edge hardcore band from DC with members of Magrudergrind. They play fast hardcore in the vein of Blank Stare or maybe Punch's 2007 Demo. Lines In The Sand is one of the most consistently solid hardcore records of the last year. Every song is great. Definitely get a hold of this.
Lines In The Sand

Saturday, January 2, 2010