Monday, July 13, 2009

Raw Nerve - Demo Tape

Raw Nerve's demo tape = 10 tracks of angry, angry, angry, distorted hardcore. Awesome speed and some great, unpretentious lyrics. Everything that's good about hardcore punk. They're with Youth Attack now and will have an LP out pretty soon.

I was about to upload this when I noticed that the band had it up for free download on their blog. Even better!

Demo Tape

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Acid Witch - Witchtanic Hellucinations

Acid Witch play heavy, psych-tinged doom with growled vocals and some death metal-style riffing littered around. There is a real 80/90s-horror-movie feel to the record and some of the intros & interludes sound as though they could be lifted straight out of a movie soundtrack (listen to the first half of Cauldron Cave or Realm of The Wicked). Unfortunately their take on 'classic horror' winds up cheesy and very lighthearted. I've been listening to this on repeat today. Check it out.



fun little band, similar to the bark ranger posted in this blog and street smart to a certain extent, anyways if you dig that kinda thing check it out

mowgli demo

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Assfactor 4 - Sometimes I Suck

Classic 90s hardcore. Needs no introduction. If you don't like this, stop lurking our blog.

Sometimes I Suck

Mumford & Sons - Lend Me Your Eyes

I've tried to turn punx onto this a few times and I'm invariably hit by a "no, thanks". Fuck it, this is really good. Mumford & Sons play "bluegrass-tinged folk". The first time I saw them play was in a tiny local venue called the captain's rest. They opened with Leadbelly's 'Pick A Bale Of Cotton'. I've seen them every time they've played my city since and will continue to do so, I think. They'll probably GET BIG someday and you'll all have to pretend that you hate them but, until then, get into one of the best bands the UK has to offer at the moment. Very exciting, infectious stuff.

Lend Me Your Eyes

UPDATE: mumford & sons sold out a show in my city before I could get tickets, played TITP & made a music video.

Another update: Mumford and sons GOT BIG.

Reds - Is:Means

One of my all-time favourite records. It was listed on a forum amongst "recent bands that are as good as 90s emo bands" not long ago. I don't think there is a better description for this than that. Fantastic, grossly underrated record from a fantastic, grossly underrated band. If you don't have this, you're an absolute poser.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lowbrow- Broken Speech 7"

A local hardcore punk band from North Carolina that I am really excited about right now. I've seen them with Graf Orlock and soon with Cult Ritual, they put on really great shows. This is the first record released and I hope there is more to come from them, they're only about a year old as of this summer. Dig it.

DL Broken Speech

Convulse - World Without God

Convulse were a short-lived old school death metal band from Finland active in the early 90s. Their sound differed from the punk-influenced, treble-driven sound of other Scandinavian DM bands at the time and they had a more American sound. They only released two albums, this being their debut, and got next-to-no attention. A lot of people, myself included, are jumping on the boat way late via the internet though. This record is an absolute must-have in my opinion.
Convulse are definitely heavy.

World Without God

Captain Planet - Demo

Captain Planet come straight outta Hamburg and play catchy and grungey punk rock with a 'post-emo' feel. This is the first demo they released back in 2003. They recently agreed to be on the comp that me and Lindsay are putting out, which I'm ultra-stoked about! Check check check check check this band out!

Demo 2003

Bone Awl - Night's Middle 7''

Bone Awl are to black metal what Graf Orlock are to grindcore: not true to the genre and easily accessible to hardcore kids~~
Get this and call it black metal and you can be just like all the other retarded hipsters kicking around.

Night's Middle

Ancestortooth - Elephant Boneyard

Ancestortooth was a sludge / doom band from Salem, OR. They played dark, distorted, recorded-in-the-woods style doom. Other than one (in my opinion) pointlessly long drone track, this is one of the best tapes of its type that I've came across. They have plenty of common with a lot of the other stuff released on Woodsmoke, if you dig any of that. You should check this out if you feel like a nice change from overproduced 'southern-rock'-style sludge and not-so-scary doom. Check it out, posers.

elephant boneyard