Thursday, April 23, 2009

Buddha on the Moon - On Holiday 7"

(click for full-size scans of the sleeve)

Hey. My name is Ryan and I am another contributor to this newfound blog. I will be concentrating mostly on the genres of pop and shoegaze, but I will be touching on other various genres as well, when I feel like it. This is my first post.
The first band I will be sharing is Buddha on the Moon, a pop band from Houston, Texas, that combines both the elements of pop and shoegaze without jeopardizing their respective sounds. I actually got into this band about a month ago, and I was very excited to find a copy of their 7" On Holiday for $0.50 at a record store in the City, among other records which I will be ripping and posting like I did with this one. I could only find one other blog that has this record so it's not too much of a repost I suppose. Anyway, get into this.
This record is long out of print, so feel free to pass this around. Like I said I don't see this being posted anywhere else, really, so spread it!

Buddha on the Moon - On Holiday 7"

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