Monday, April 27, 2009

Final Fight - Demo 2003

(click for full-size scans of the sleeve)

Here I am again, this time with a little change of pace so to speak. Final Fight is no doubt a familiar name to most Americans involved with the California, especially Bay Area, hardcore scene. Most of those kids, however, haven't heard what this band sounded like when they first started out. That's where I've chosen to come in, since I haven't seen this demo being passed around on any other blogs and I happen to own a copy of it. This, if you haven't already figured it out, is their first demo from 2003, the first material they ever recorded (to my knowledge.) Compare this to their newest material and you can see just how far this band has come.
This CD-R is long, long "out of print," so feel free to distribute this as you wish. I'm sure the band wouldn't mind. ...And if they do, well, I guess I'll be taking it down as soon as they get in contact with us.

Final Fight - Demo 2003

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